Utah Israel Economic Council

The Utah Israel Economic Council (UIEC) is a non-profit trade organization, dedicated to promoting and strengthening trade relations between the business communities of Utah and Israel. UIEC formed at the request of the Governor of Utah. UIEC hopes to be a model for other local business people in Utah to help develop the local economy and promote job growth.

Why Utah? Why Israel?

Video: Utah’s Economic Advantages


A Case Study: Utah and Israel Companies Working Together


Based in Salt Lake City, Allen’s history began in 1981 when it introduced the world’s first commercial interactive videodisc system as well as many interactive video training programs. Allen continues to develop innovative approaches to both courseware design and learning technology. Allen was acquired by an Israeli NASDAQ traded corporation in 2000 and taken private by local Utah and Isreali management in 2003. The company continues to grow and now has one of the largest training design practices in the USA. With extensive experience across every major industry, Allen continues its connections with Israel by importing technological innovation and successfully integrating those solutions for its U.S based customers. Allen has joined with Israeli firm Compedia to bring further innovation to “on the job” ( OJT) training using compendia’s augmented learning platform and the Allen learning portals. This project is supported by the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Fund that has provided substantial capital to help fund the joint venture and expand its marketing in the USA.